As it has always been, when needs arise in the community, Scouts respond immediately with good turns. While lockdown restrictions vary across the world, life certainly isn’t business-as-usual.

As an Adult Leader in these circumstances, how can you and your Scout group continue to be active citizens? Here are some ideas!

Use social media to fight minsinformation
Check out this UNFPA website, where you can create interactive videos to bust myths and share helpful information about the pandemic – in your own language – and share it on your social media channels. Sharing accurate information helps keep people safe and calm. Check out this example by Canadian Cub Scout Kiran!

Become a volunteer

Rover Scouts can connect with local governments and/or organizations to help meet the needs of their community. Always work with a trusted local organization and follow the advice of health authorities to stay safe while helping. Get inspired by these community service projects in KuwaitIndia and Guyana!

Join the Earth Tribe

Encourage your Scout group to join the #EarthTribe! They can pick from 3 Challenges and get creative finding ways to work towards the related merit badges while staying safe during confinement or semi-confinement. Whether or not it’s part of the Earth Tribe, there are lots of environmental projects you can take on from home – like gardening, recycling, re-purposing items and more!

Get groceries and meds for the elderly

Reach out online or by phone to elderly or otherwise vulnerable people (ex. immunocompromised) in your community to see if they need distanced assistance getting groceries, medicine or other supplies. If it’s safe to do so, you may also consider scheduling a short, distanced visits or video calls with Scouts to lift their spirits. Get inspired by Irish Scout Caillum, who makes deliveries by bike in his community!

Donate blood
For eligible and healthy donors, you may consider donating blood, since many hospitals are facing shortages for patients in need.

Show appreciation for frontliners

Demands on medical workers in are very high, leaving many exhausted and stressed. See if there’s an opportunity to help a frontline worker with errands in a safe way. Regardless, be sure to show your appreciation for frontline workers with a smile and messages of support! Use the hashtag #ChainOfGratitude when showing your support on social media, like all of these Scouts have!

Spread joy through music

Even if physical distancing is imposed, playing music for virtual or distanced concerts can definitely put a smile of peoples’ faces! Remember: human connection plays a huge role in mental health. Your musical talent can help people connect and feel joy. 

Do you have other ideas? Leave them in the comments!