Final Educational Competencies

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A competency is an ability or behaviour, built on the components of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values, which is observable and measurable. It is applied when faced with a certain situation, leading to the successful resolution of the challenges posed.

Defining your NSO’s final educational competencies is the third step of the process of designing or reviewing your Youth Programme. These final educational competencies should be established based on the desired outcomes as expressed in your NSO’s Educational Proposal and influenced by the fundamentals and values ​​of the Scout Movement, as well as considering the individual’s needs for growth in the specific context and time.

This section explores educational competencies in a Scouting context and looks at how to use competencies in the design of your NSO’s Youth Programme. In addition to discussing the four pillars of education, it offers guidelines to help you define the final competencies for each age section.

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