Frequently Asked Questions


01 FAQ What is the Guide to Youth Programme in Scouting?

The Guide to Youth Programme in Scouting (GPS) is an online resource that assists the leadership of National Scout Organizations (NSOs) to design or renew their National Youth Programme. The GPS presents a methodology built on two resources: MACPRO and RAP (Renewed Approach to Programme), bringing together twenty years of shared experiences and new educational approaches to reinforce Scouting’s mission and the concept of education for life and  for sustainable development.

02 FAQ Who is it for?

As a resource to support the design or renewal of an NSO’s Youth Programme, the GPS is essentially aimed at an NSO’s leadership, namely Youth Programme National Teams and Commissioners.

03 FAQ What can I find in the GPS?

The GPS offers relevant content in each of the eight steps involved in the  design or renewal of a Youth Programme. It includes important tips for and reflections on the process itself, complemented by useful tools and inspirational examples from NSOs. It also provides online access to policies and other essential resources to support your NSO to align its Youth Programme with WOSM standards.

04 FAQ How can I use the GPS?

A symbolic framework will guide you to explore the different content available on the platform. From the on the spot basic content, you will be able to look further for more detailed support in each of the steps. You can find tools along the way to work within your youth programme team and “cross bridges” to discover inspirational examples from other NSOs that have already used this methodology.

Using the GPS

01 FAQ Do I need the approval of my NSO to access and download content from the GPS?

You don’t need any approval to access and download GPS content. However be mindful, that the content is protected and reproduction is only authorized for NSOs that are members of the WOSM. Credit for the source must be given.

02 FAQ Can I use the GPS on several devices at the same time?

As long as you have an online connection and Internet browser, you can use the GPS simultaneously on multiple devices as it has been set up for use with mobile phone, tablet, and desktop applications. However, its use is not interconnected; you won’t  see on your smartphone what you have opened on your computer.

03 FAQ What if I don't have an Internet connection?

An Internet connection is required for online browsing and using the features of the GPS. However, you may download the whole content and browse in “offline” mode.

04 FAQ How does the GPS cater for those with vision or hearing impairment?

The operation system of the device supports vision and hearing impairment and other physical, learning, and literacy requirements, but the GPS does not foresee any additional tools or features.

The GPS content

01 FAQ How can I find the content I am looking for?

The fastest way to find the content you are looking for is to type in a keyword in the search area “What can I help you with?” The internal search engine will search the GPS and display all content that includes the keyword.

02 FAQ Do I need to use all steps to renew my NSO’s Youth Programme?

The process of renewing a Youth Programme should be based on an evaluation of the current Youth Programme. A good starting point is to apply the “Youth Programme self-assessment tool” and adjust the renewal process to your NSO’s reality to identify which steps should be used.

03 FAQ What kind of content can I download to prepare for a workshop with the stakeholders involved in the Youth Programme renewal process?

You can download each tool  separately by clicking the “download” button on the right side of each page or access all tools listed on the “find tools” icon on the landing page.

04 FAQ How can I download the content of the GPS?

You can download in pdf format the content presented on each page by clicking the  “download” button on the right side of each page, or download the entire content  by clicking “Access full content for the journey” on the landing page. Other versions are available on the “Use the GPS to navigate anytime for all coordinates” menu (pdf, Kindle, ePUB).

04 FAQ Where is the handbook version of the GPS?

As a digital resource, the GPS will not have a traditional handbook format. However, you may download the whole resource by clicking “Access full content for the journey” on the landing page, and you will receive a digital version with a cover page and the content that is presented in the different areas of the online version.

A community of practices

01 FAQ Where can I follow the GPS updates?

All updates and new information will be announced through WOSM channels and regional networks.

02 FAQ How can my NSO share a new experience or best practice that may be useful for others?

You can share experiences and best practices by sending your idea or contribution in an email to or by using a specific template by clicking on “Engage with others along the way” on the landing page. All contributions will be reviewed by the GPS editorial team and depending on the decision, added to the GPS.

Error reporting

01 FAQ What should I do if the link is not working?

If you find a link that isn’t working, please send an email to  describing the problem. Thank you.

02 FAQ What should I do if I find a ‘typo’ in the text?

If you find a typo, please  send an email to  explaining where exactly it is, i.e., page number, paragraph, line. Thank You.