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Evaluating the YP

How did the monitoring and evaluation of implementation take place?

Even when an NSO has designed and implemented its new Youth Programme, the work still isn’t done. The Programme has to be monitored and evaluated to make sure that it is fit for purpose and that leaders fully understand how it is to be used in local groups. These NSOs share their experience with monitoring and evaluating their new Youth Programme. 

We met approximately 25% of our local leaders to prepare them for the new Youth Programme. Meeting them where they were decreased the distance between the developers of the Youth Programme (the NSO) and the leaders. In our survey about how they use the  Youth Programme in local groups, many group leaders expressed satisfaction with our implementation and the Youth Programme in general especially after the local workshops.

Surveys of youth and adult membership on various aspects of the development of the Youth Programme can provide valuable input to the process as well as helping people feel that they are part of the process.

Organising workshops for members of your NSO is a good way to engage, consult, and inform as you work through the process.  It is important to use the same principles that you are developing in the Youth Programme when organising the workshop including the use of the Scout Method, youth involvement, small groups, learning by doing, etc.

As proposed materials and branding are developed, it is a good idea to organise presentations/stands/roadshows to showcase these at regional/national meetings and events, including youth meetings, assemblies and events.

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