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Reviewing the YP

In 2014, WOSM offered the World Scout Youth Programme Policy as a framework that reinforces the common elements of Scouting education that each National Scout Organisation  (NSO) should implement through its Youth Programme. Recognising that NSOs are best positioned to adapt their Youth Programme to the needs and aspirations of the young people in their country, WOSM  emphasised the need for regular updates to meet the new and evolving challenges that young people face. 

Tasked with preparing the next generation of young people to bring new answers to the world’s complex challenges, your NSO must ensure that its Youth Programme is not simply a list of activities delivered at local level, but rather your educational intention, a plan of action, or an idea with a particular long-term aim, for each age section.

This section looks at the concept of the Youth Programme and its development (including  its variable and invariable elements) and explores the different levels of Scouting’s non-formal education system.


Water for Child, Messengers of Peace ,South Sudan.

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