To assist NSO in implementing the World Adult Resources Policy (WARP)




  1. Explain the principles of the Adult in Scouting strategy
  2. Explain the concept of WARP.
  3. Describe the 3 phases of WARP.
  4. Explore the challenges facing implementation of the policy.
  5. Identify the changes and steps required to implement the policy.




The primary method used will call on the experience and active involvement of the participants. They will alternate between plenary presentations, discussions and working in groups.


Key leaders and commissioners at all levels should be represented for the purpose of building commitment and ownership.

The number of participants will vary with the organizational resources available. Ideally, the number should be limited to 30 – 40 participants for the effective transfer of learning.

The outline of this workshop has been prepared on the basis of 32 participants who would form 4 groups of 8 participants for group discussion work.


Each module can be organized over a half day period.


The venue should be reasonably conducive, complete with a plenary hall and several rooms or areas for small discussion groups

Subject Matters



MODULE 2 – 3 hours


TOPIC/MODULE: SWOT Analysis on the present status of Adult in Scouting situation in NSO.


OBJECTIVE/S: Briefly describe the use SWOT as a tool for analysis.

Identify the present status of Adults in the NSO in terms of its strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.


METHODOLGY:  Group and Plenary discussions.


Sub-Topic Approach Reference Time
The What and Why and How of SWOT Analysis Explain the what and purpose of SWOT analysis.

Explain the elements of the SWOT analysis and how to do it.

0.5 hour
Identify the SWOT Divide into 4 groups. Each group to identify a particular area of an adult in Scouting system e.g. Recruitment, job description, training, support provided, award system, appraisal system etc. and identify their SWOT OR each group assigned to analyze one element of the SWOT.

Each group to present its analysis in plenary for comments and discussion and together with the rest come out with the final SWOT lists after incorporating the various feedback.

1.5 hour

1 hour