Slide 3 Designing the youth programme
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Preparation. Preparation. Preparation. Before you start designing or reviewing your NSO’s Youth Programme, you must first have a clear idea of what you want the end result to be. Remember, your Youth Programme should be based on the fundamental elements of Scouting and focus on the needs and aspirations of the young people in your country.

Given that the design will guide the implementation of your Youth Programme, it should strongly consider both the young people in your NSO, as the main agents of the Programme, and the adults who will support it in specific, and often complex, circumstances. It requires a partnership between those at national level who will develop the proposals and those at local level who will have the opportunity to contribute to the final programme design according to their local reality, with space for autonomy and adaptation accordingly.

This section explains the concept of Youth Programme design and the principles that define it. It also looks at the actors involved and how best to disseminate it.

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