On the spot

Preparing the Journey

One of our strengths as a Movement is our ability to learn from each other, to share best practices, to benefit from the wealth of available experience. When it comes to  designing or reviewing your NSO’s Youth Programme, there is plenty to learn from what others have done. In this chapter, we share with you the findings of the Round Table on Youth Programme Development, a network meeting of programme developers held in Molina, Spain, 24-26 October 2008, which harnessed the experiences of seven NSOs who had all embarked on reviewing their Youth Programme in the previous five years.

The group as a whole found that they had many experiences in common. Most had faced the same challenges. All wished they had known then what they know now.  Each NSO had used RAP and recognised the value of using such a  tool. All were surprised at the length of time it took but were pleased that they had taken it. Your time, and that of your volunteers, is too valuable to repeat mistakes others have made. Learn from those who have done what you are in the process of doing now. Prepare your journey.


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