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Areas of Personal Growth

Defining  areas of personal growth is the second step in the process of designing or reviewing your NSO’s Youth Programme. 

The aim of education is to help the child and then the young person to gradually build up an identity and develop their autonomy, i.e., the ability to unify all the dimensions of their personality into a coherent life plan. Scouting takes all the dimensions of the human personality into account and, therefore, identifies several areas of personal growth on which educational competencies are based. The areas of growth should not be considered separate elements, but as parts of a whole.

This section looks at the six dimensions of a personality and identifies an area of personal growth for each one. It explores how to identify educational priorities or trails, taking into account the needs and aspirations of young people in your particular social and cultural context, and then from each educational trail explains how you can build coherent educational competencies.

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